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Cooking With the Sun: How to Build and Use Solar Cookers (2nd edition)
by Beth Halacy, Dan Halacy

AVAILABILITY: This title is no longer available

Publication Date: 1992
Publisher: Morning Sun
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Agriculture, Energy

Description: * Simple solar cookers that can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees.

* Enjoy the higher nutritional value of solar cooked food.

* No smoke, no ashes, just clean heat.

This book shows how to harness the sun's energy in preparing food. It presents detailed plans, liberally illustrated with line drawings and photos, for building solar ovens that can cook a 12-pound turkey in three hours, and solar reflector "hot plate" that perks coffee and cooks steak, bacon and eggs, hot cakes and other stove-top meals. Over 90 delicious recipes.

Beth and Dan Halacy are recognized authorities on solar energy. They live in Lakewood, Colorado.

Review(s): "Extremely practical and informative? 'Cooking with the Sun' has it all." - Green Teacher magazine

"'Cooking with the Sun' is beautifully done and superb reading...Very useful and inspiring." - Jan Bayea, Chief Scientist, National Audubon Society

"'Cooking with the Sun' offers not only a fun approach to energy conservation but a veritable cornucopia of gourmet delights, all prepared without a smidgen of fossil fuels...a tested and true method of cooking with nature." - H. Dana Moran, Manager, Research and Technology, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

"'Cooking with the Sun' is a practical guide for students." - School Library Journal

"Here are intelligent instructions for constructing and using several different solar cooking models, including recipes and information on where to buy supplies and commercial solar equipment." - The Bloomsbury Review

"'Cooking with the Sun' is your best guide to building simple solar ovens and solar hot plates." - Buzzworm Magazine

"At the very least, it could make a fascinating project for the kids." - Joel Makower, The Green Consumer Letter

"No fuel, no fire hazard, no smoke, no ashes. If those aren't enough reasons to turn to a solar oven, a hot summer kitchen might be another, free energy still another." - The Workbook

"Environmentalists, do-it-yourselfers, barbecuers and campers should delight in this comprehensive guide for harnessing the sun's energy to prepare food." - Public Citizen magazine

"...chock-full of information and cooking ideas. It is ideal for anyone looking for alternative ways to cook meals and at the same time save energy. All a chef needs is right here in this book." - Small Farm Today

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