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The Fuel Savers: A Kit of Solar Ideas For Your Home, Apartment, or Business
by Bruce Anderson (ed.)

AVAILABILITY: Usually ships within 2-5 days

Publication Date: 2002
Publisher: Morning Sun
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Energy

Description: This book is now out of print, and will not be reprinted. I've got one copy left and then they're all gone!

* Add solar power at little or no cost.

* Slash skyrocketing fuel bills.

* Simple ideas to harness solar energy.

Contains a wealth of ideas that can be easily adapted to almost any building. From insulating curtains to solar hot water heaters, each idea is examined for material costs, fuel reduction, advantages, and cost-effectiveness. 83 pages, 40 drawings.

Bruce Anderson has written five books on solar energy, including the New York Times bestseller 'The Solar Home Book'. He has been an environmental advocate, entrepeneur, and co-founded Earth Day 1990 with former senator Gaylord Nelson. He was the first recipient of the American Solar Energy Society's Lifetime Solar Contributor award. He has twice testified before congress on solar energy matters. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Review(s): "If you don't know the difference between a thermosiphoning collector and roof trickle collector, or whether adding on an attached greenhouse or converting to solar hot water is a more cost-effective energy-saving measure, you'll find that information succinctly presented here." - Fine Homebuilding Magazine

"This practical, affordable little book is a must for anyone who wants solar ideas, complete with their payback ratios, to help in determining what solar projects, if any, are feasible for ones home and climate." - Janet Groene, Homeowner Magazine

"'The Fuel Savers' has a helluva lot of good information in it." - Mark Wexler, National Wildlife Federation

"Solar energy will surely be the key to a safer future, and everyone can start entering that future now, thanks to this user-friendly, helpful book." - Paul Ehrlich, author of 'The Population Bomb'

"A sweet and cheap little paperback called 'The Fuel Savers' is a reader-friendly guide to energy-saving ideas you might try on an existing residence." - Detroit Free Press

"A most practical, step-by-step guide for individuals and homeowners to one of the most important issues we face: reducing our wasteful dependence on fossil fuels." - Paul Hawken, author of 'Growing A Business'

"'The Fuel Savers' offers a menu of do-it-yourself solar energy projects, from the very simple to the complex. This is an extremely attractive book." - The Workbook

"Informative little book." - Home Mechanix magazine

"'The Fuel Savers' is truly solar made simple - a friendly guide to solar energy for homes with lots of pictures and good advise. Bruce Anderson's recommendations make sense for the pocketbook and for the environment." - Eric Heitz, The Energy Foundation

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