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Censored 2004: The Top 25 Censored Stories
by Peter Phillips & Project Censored, Introduction by Amy Goodman, Cartoons by Tom Tomorrow

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Publication Date: 2003
Publisher: Seven Stories
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Business / New Paradigms, Computers / Internet, Corporate Rule, Crime & Punishment, Democracy: Theory & Practice, Energy, Human Health & Welfare, Labor & Work / Classism, Media, Militarism, Nature, Population / Consumption, Race & Civil Rights, Sexism / Patriarchy, Third World Peoples, United States

Description: Does censorship of the press exist in the United States? For the past 26 years Project Censored has answered yes, producing its acclaimed yearbook, 'Censored'.

In past years 'Censored' has been instrumental in helping to push underreported stories into the mainstream. In the 1997 edition, Karl Grossman's article "Risking the World: Nuclear Proliferation in Space" led to 60 Minutes doing a national feature on the subject. 'Censored 1999' featured Monsanto's "terminator seed" project, which was subsequently discontinued because of negative publicity. 'Censored 2001' exposed the disastrous impact of the increasing corporatization of the global water supply, a story that is rapidly becoming one of the major issues of the 21st century.

'Censored 2004' highlights the year's 25 most important underreported news stories, alerting readers to deficiencies in corporate media. This year's edition features a chapter on the public relations industry in the U.S. and its effect on the media. Robin Andersen, professor at Fordham University and Censored judge, contributes a chapter on censorship in times of war. 'Censored 2004' also includes an essay by Norman Solomon, a chapter on the monitoring of domestic censorship from FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), and a chapter on international monitoring from the International Index on Censorship. And it includes a resource guide and updates on independent media outlets.

Here are the Top 25 Censored Media Stories in this new edition:

#1: The Neoconservative Plan for Global Dominance

#2: Homeland Security Threatens Civil Liberty

#3: U.S. Illegally Removes Pages from Iraq U.N. Report

#4: Rumsfeld's Plan to Provoke Terrorists

#5: The Effort to Make Unions Disappear

#6: Closing Access to Information Technology

#7: Treaty Busting by the United States

#8: US/ British Forces Continue Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons Despite Massive Evidence of Negative Health Effects

#9: In Afghanistan: Poverty, Women's Rights, and Civil Disruption Worse than Ever

#10: Africa Faces Threat of New Colonialism

#11: U.S. Implicated in Taliban Massacre

#12: Bush Administration Behind Failed Military Coup in Venezuela

#13: Corporate Personhood Challenged

#14: Unwanted Refugees a Global Problem

#15: U.S. Military's War on the Earth

#16: Plan Puebla-Panama and the FTAA

#17: Clear Channel Monopoly Draws Criticism

#18: Charter Forest Proposal Threatens Access to Public Lands

#19: U.S. Dollar vs. the Euro: Another Reason for the Invasion of Iraq

#20: Pentagon Increases Private Military Contracts

#21: Third World Austerity Policies: Coming Soon to a City Near You

#22: Welfare Reform Up For Reauthorization, but Still No Safety Net

#23: Argentina Crisis Sparks Cooperative Growth

#24: Aid to Israel Fuels Repressive Occupation in Palestine

#25: Convicted Corporations Receive Perks Instead of Punishment

More than 350,000 copies of previous editions of Censored are in print today.

Peter Phillips, director of Project Censored, is an associate professor of sociology at Sonoma State University. His op-ed pieces appear in the alternative press and independent newspapers nationwide. He frequently speaks on media censorship and various sociopolitical issues on radio and TV talk shows, including Talk of the Nation, Public Interest, World Radio Network, and Democracy Now!. He lives in rural Sonoma County, California.

Project Censored, founded in 1976 by Carl Jensen, has as its principal objective the advocacy for and protection of First Amendment rights and the freedom of information in the United States.

Review(s): "Required reading for broadcasters, journalists, and well-informed citizens." - Los Angeles Times

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