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Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change
by Guy Dauncey with Patrick Mazza, Foreword by Ross Gelbspan

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Publication Date: 2001
Publisher: New Society
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Agriculture, Business / New Paradigms, Climate Change, Democracy: Theory & Practice, Economics, Energy, Nature, Sustainable Community, Third World Peoples, Transportation, Visioning the Future

Description: In the 60s, 'Silent Spring' forced us to pay attention to the problem of pesticides. The 70s galvanized the nation to conserve. In the 90s our communities came together to "reduce, reuse, and recycle." And now, the first decade of the new millennium will focus our attention on our most urgent environmental challenge yet: global warming and the potential for irreversible climate change.

'Stormy Weather' is the first and only book to put simple, effective solutions to global warming in the hands of ordinary citizens, communities, businesses, power utilities, state governments, and national leaders.

In a clear and understandable style, 'Stormy Weather' explains why we and the planet have reached this over-heated situation and how scientists predict "runaway" climate change will affect the Earth and our lives. The solutions to global warming revolve around 12 core methods of reducing our use of fossil fuels and filling our energy needs with solar, wind, tidal, and bio fuels. Each user-friendly solution is organized on two facing pages with a description, illustrations, quotations, resources, and a detailed "how-to" section. Solutions are grouped by social sector-Individuals; Citizen Groups; Towns and Cities; State Government; Power Utilities; Businesses; Oil, Coal & Gas Corporations; Automobile Corporations; National Governments; and Developing Nations-breaking-up these vital planet-saving tasks into manageable activities for both individuals and larger organizations.

From riding your bike to the office to developing sustainable transportation infrastructures, and from launching a tree-planting initiative in your community to negotiating a global forests protection treaty, this critical book will help anyone and everyone - on a small or grand scale - to participate in cooling our planet's troubled atmosphere.

Guy Dauncey is a sustainable development consultant and the publisher of EcoNews, a monthly environmental newsletter. He is the author of 'EarthFuture' and 'After the Crash' and a regular contributor to YES! Magazine. Dauncey lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

Review(s): "One of the clearest, most concise guides yet on coping with climate change. Shunning 'simple things', this book is honest about the challenge, but filled with hope and the means to act." - Green Business Letter

"You want solutions to climate change? Here they are for everyone - from homeowners seeking bill relief to corporate executives seeking clean ways to improve profits, from government leaders looking for practical actions to community activists demanding results. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to lift your burden on our only planet's climate, and how many extra benefits you'll create: good and durable jobs, global security, a cleaner and safer environment, and a stronger economy. This provocative book is your guide to being part of the solution. It's peppered with resources and salted with realism. Don't just stand there - sit and read, then go do it!" - Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

"A wonderful contribution that provides clear guidance on climate solutions. Positive action is long overdue and this exciting road map will help move us forward." - David Suzuki, scientist, author and broadcaster

"'Stormy Weather' is really wonderful - it ought to be required reading for everyone who is concerned about our planet's climate, beginning in every high school in the country." - Ross Gelbspan, author of 'The Heat is On'

"A fabulous book. Everybody talks about the climate, but nobody does anything about it. Now they can. 'Stormy Weather' provides a sweeping vision of the issues, and comprehensive practical solutions. A must read for anyone who wants a cleaner, healthier planet." - James Hansen, Director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

"Guy Dauncey and Patrick Mazza have written an invaluable book - science and solutions, credible and accessible - a must read survival guide on Planet Earth." - Elizabeth May, Sierra Club of Canada

"I hope 'Stormy Weather' gains the widest possible readership. Its facts and figures, explanations and solutions, backed up by numerous Internet links, provide a wonderfully comprehensive guide to climate change and what the world needs to do about it. Its lively, engaging style and easily-digestible sections are very appealing." - Matthew Bramley, Pembina Institute

"Comprehensive and well-researched, this book evokes hope where it might have created despair." - David Eisenberg, Development Center for Appropriate Technology

"If global warming seems like an overwhelming challenge, 'Stormy Weather' is your answer. It represents a handbook and a blueprint for people and institutions seeking practical ways to cool the climate. The book shows clearly that global warming solutions are available, and that implementing them will give us a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous world." - Denis Hayes, Co-founder of Earth Day.

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