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Fear at Work: Job Blackmail, Labor and the Environment (new edition)
by Richard Kazis, Richard L. Grossman, Foreword by Barry Commoner

AVAILABILITY: Readily available

Publication Date: March 1991
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Binding: Trade Paper
Condition: Readily Available

Description: This book is out of print and hard to locate, but we have about 20 new copies, all brand new, and MUCH cheaper than Amazon!

'Fear at Work' argues persuasively that to create an economically secure and environmentally sound America we must protect both jobs AND the environment; communities AND ecosystems. By exposing the practice of "job blackmail" for the manipulative tactic that it is, 'Fear at Work' removes the cloak of legitimacy from corporate threats. And through its inclusive, hopeful vision of the future it provides common ground for labor, environmental and community activists.

Review(s): "This is a good book, concisely written, thoroughly documented, and to my knowledge the first and only book to deal with the subject of corporate blackmail as wielded against working people, industrial communities and the American environmental movement." - Edward Abbey

"The authors marshall the facts and compelling arguments against the 'job blackmail' of large corporations. An enlightened report on how work AND health must be the American way....A major contribution." - Ralph Nader

"This volume should be required reading for public health professionals." - Dr. Eula Bingham, Dean of the School of Public Health, University of Cincinnati

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