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Should Trees Have Standing?: Law, Morality, and the Environment (3rd Edition)
by Christopher D. Stone

AVAILABILITY: Readily available

Publication Date: April 2010
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Binding: Textbook Paperback, 264pp

Description: Originally published in 1972, 'Should Trees Have Standing?' was a rallying point for the then burgeoning environmental movement, launching a worldwide debate on the basic nature of legal rights that reached the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, in the 35th anniversary edition of this remarkably influential book, Christopher D. Stone updates his original thesis and explores the impact his ideas have had on the courts, the academy, and society as a whole.

At the heart of the book is an eminently sensible, legally sound, and compelling argument that the environment should be granted legal rights. For the new edition, Stone explores a variety of recent cases and current events - and related topics such as climate change and protecting the oceans - providing a thoughtful survey of the past and an insightful glimpse at the future of the environmental movement.

This enduring work continues to serve as the definitive statement as to why trees, oceans, animals, and the environment as a whole should be bestowed with legal rights, so that the voiceless elements in nature are protected for future generations.

* The definitive collection of essays on the legal rights of natural objects by the preeminent authority on the topic

* Provides thought-provoking but accessible arguments at the intersection of environmental law, moral philosophy, ethics, legal theory, economics, political science, and globalization

* Stone grounds his environmental arguments within the context of socioeconomic, political, and legal realities

* Illuminates the underpinnings of the green movement and the historical foundation upon which the current incarnation of environmentalism has been built

Christopher D. Stone is J. Thomas McCarthy Trustee Chair in Law at the University of Southern California School of Law. A leading advocate for the environment, he has written for Harper's, The New York Times, The Nation, Boston Globe , and Los Angeles Times.

Review(s): "Christopher Stone's book reflects a truly original contribution to the environmental law movement. Stone's unique idea about nature and natural objects - that perhaps they should have their own rights - is now ripe to be considered seriously by policymakers. As Stone suggested decades ago, and expands upon in his new book, the time has finally come to move from an anthropocentric to an eco-centric view of the environment." - Jan G. Laitos, John A. Carver, Jr. Professor of Law, University of Denver, Sturm College of Law

"The third edition of this book of essays demonstrates that Christopher Stone's ideas are as challenging, as eye-opening, and as thought expanding as they were when he first penned his landmark work. Clearly written and cogently argued, Stone's writing succeeds in being simultaneously provocative and persuasive." - John S. Applegate, Walter W. Foskett Professor of Law, Indiana University, Maurer School of Law

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