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Not in My Back Yard: The Handbook
by Jane Anne Morris

AVAILABILITY: Readily available

Publication Date: August 1994
Publisher: Silvercat Publications
Binding: Paperback
Condition: Clean used copies (out of print)

Description: Everyone is a NIMBY. Most people can stay comfortably in the closet. But now and then a power line, a convenience store, a new highway, or a proposed dump forces people to speak out. In this now-classic handbook, Jane Anne Morris explains what reluctant NIMBY's can expect and how they can organize successful NIMBY efforts. The first part of the book is a step-by-step outline of what concerned citizens need to do, from doing research, to mounting educational campaigns, to visiting sites and testifying at public hearings. The second part includes an informataive and entertaining dictionary of tips, tricks, and examples from past NIMBY activities.

Review(s): "The finest writing on this topic since Saul Alinsky..." - Hubert R. Fowler, Austin Community College

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