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The Oil Depletion Protocol: A Plan to Avert Oil Wars, Terrorism and Economic Collapse
by Richard Heinberg, Foreword by Colin Campbell

AVAILABILITY: Active Record (Readily Available)

Publication Date: September 2006
Publisher: New Society Publishers, Limited
Binding: Perfect

Description: Since oil is the primary fuel of global industrial civilization, its imminent depletion is a problem that will have profound impact on every aspect of modern life. Without international agreement on how to manage the decline of this vital resource, the world faces unprecedented risk of conflict and collapse.

'The Oil Depletion Protocol' describes a unique accord whereby nations would voluntarily reduce their oil production and oil imports according to a consistent, sensible formula.

This would enable the task of energy transition to be planned and supported over the long term, providing a context of stable energy prices and peaceful cooperation. The protocol will be presented at international gatherings, initiating the process of country -by -country negotiation and adoption, and mobilizing public support. To this end, this book:

* provides an overview of the data concerning Peak Oil and its timing

* briefly explains the protocol and its implications for the reader and for decision makers in government and industry around the world

* deals with frequently asked questions and objections, and

* looks forward to how the protocol can be adopted and how municipalities and ordinary citizens can facilitate the process.

Timely and critically important, 'The Oil Depletion Protocol' is a must-read for policy makers and for all who seek to avert a Peak Oil collapse.

Richard Heinberg, from Santa Rosa, CA, has been writing about energy resources issues and the dynamics of cultural change for many years. A member of the core faculty at New College of California, he is an award-winning author of three previous books. His Museletter was nominated for its "Best Alternative Newsletter" award by Utne Reader in 1993.

Review(s): "At last - a reality check. Are we ready for the coming decline in oil production? No. Can we prepare for it? Yes. That is what 'The Oil Depletion Protocol' is all about. This is another cutting-edge work from Richard Heinberg." - Lester Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute

"'The Oil Depletion Protocol' is set to become a vital tool in the world's attempts to adapt to global oil decline - truly a plan for a sensible energy future. It is clear and conceptually simple in such a way that it can be adopted at every level from international to individual. Get your city, state, and country to adopt the Protocol now!" - Julian Darley, Post Carbon Institute, and author of 'High Noon for Natural Gas'

"Stop what you are doing and read this book. It's the clearest explanation of arguably the most devastating crisis of our lifetimes, and it also illuminates the most practical pathway to avert catastrophe. Whatever your field, from business to environment to agriculture, this book will inform all your thinking about the future from here on, and your personal and political engagements in the next crucial decades, as nothing else in print." - Jerry Mander, founder, International Forum on Globalization, and author of 'In the Absence of the Sacred' and 'Alternatives to Economic Globalization: a Better World is Possible'

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