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Mike's Election 2008
by Michael Moore

AVAILABILITY: Active Record (Readily Available)

Publication Date: August 2008
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Binding: Trade Paper


In his first book in five years, Michael Moore brings us the definitive guide to the 2008 election.

After a diastrous war, the failure to catch bin Laden, millions of families who have lost their homes, the Katrina debacle, soaring gas prices feeding record oil company profits, and the largest national debt caused by the biggest spending and borrowing administration in American history, the country has had it with conservatives, right-wingers and Republicans. A thrilling election season is now upon us. Obama vs. McCain. One candidate has promised a presidency different from any other, one that will take us forward to embrace the hope of the 21st century. The other candidate says he has no idea how to use a computer.

Welcome to MIKE'S ELECTION GUIDE — Michael Moore's effort to make sense of the this fall's race for the White House and Congress. In it, Moore answers the nation's most pressing questions: Why is John McCain so angry?,Do the Democrats Still Drink from a Sippy Cup and Sleep with the Light On?, Can I get into the Electoral College with only a 2.0 gpa? and How many Democrats does it take to lose the most winnable election in American history?

It's a great year to be an American and a voter. Don't miss out on all the fun And don't miss out on MIKE'S ELECTION GUIDE — it's the indispensable book that belongs in every American's back pocket this season.


"With his characteristically smug, sarcastic, nudge-and-wink style, Moore shows how Democrats can score a slam-dunk in November in a guidebook comprised of half-kidding essays, all within Moore's prescribed range: wry humor, pissed-off rants and sweeping generalizations. In Moore's book, Obama's victory is a more-or-less forgone conclusion; naturally, he offers Obama a list of 10 Presidential Decrees for his First Ten Days (bring back the draft, but just for rich kids; ban high fructose corn syrup; free HBO for everyone). His opening salvo, 'Ask Mike,' includes questions like 'Why should I vote? It only encourages them,' and explanations that include a possibly inflammatory take on McCain's stint in Vietnam as a pilot and prisoner of war; Moore points out that if McCain's military service is up for discussion, why won't anyone ask what McCain did to the Vietnamese? Sure to provoke, Moore covers his back with a bibliography and an index of sound bites his right-wing opponents can attack him with ('Long live Chairman Mao!'). Readers will get what they expect; Moore's guide probably won't change any minds, but it's an entertaining, occasionally thought-provoking take on this year's big event." Publishers Weekly (Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc.)


In his first book in five years, the man loved by liberals and denounced by conservatives presents the definitive guide to the 2008 election.

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