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How Wealth Rules the World: Saving Our Communities and Freedoms from the Dictatorship of Property
by Ben Price, Preface by David Korten

Ben Price reveals that our Constitution and legal system were intentionally designed to give more rights to the wealthy propertied class than the rest of us. Price exposes how this hamstrings our ability to effectively address a host of pressing social and environmental problems—and what we can do about it. More...

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The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There
by Paul Connett PhD, James Beck MD, PhD, H.S. Micklem DPhil

Takes a new look at the science behind water fluoridation and argues that just because the medical establishment endorses a public health measure, that doesn't mean it's safe. Brings new research to light, including links between fluoride and harm to the brain, bones, and kidneys... More...

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For All the People: Uncovering the Hidden History of Cooperation, Cooperative Movements, and Communalism in America
by John Curl

Seeking to reclaim a history that has remained largely ignored by most historians, this dramatic and stirring account examines each of the definitive American cooperative movements for social change—farmer, union, consumer, and communalist—that have been all but erased from collective memory... More...

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JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters
by James W. Douglass

Historian James Douglass proves not only that there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK, but more importantly (for the first time) explains WHY. The acclaimed book, now in paperback, with a reading group guide and a new afterword by the author... More...

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The Koran
by Muhammad, translated by John Medows Rodwell

A guide to daily life, the book is considered the finest work of Arabic prose in existence and one of the most important and influential books known to mankind. A masterpiece of immense religious and literary value, presented in a convenient, affordable edition for a new generation of readers. It is divided into 114 "suras", or chapters, containing the religious, social, civil, commercial, military, and legal codes of Islam... More...

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Bright Green Lies: How the Environmental Movement Lost Its Way and What We Can Do about It
by Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith, Max Wilbert

Bright Green Lies systematically debunks many of the lies and distortions that characterize the discourse of those who argue that 'technology will stop global warming' or that 'technology will save the planet. More...

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