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The Last Wild Witch
by Starhawk, Illustrated by Lindy Kehoe

AVAILABILITY: Active Record (Readily Available)

Publication Date: 2015 PB edition
Publisher: Mother Tongue Ink
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Juvenile Fiction, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Wicca, Paganism

Description: An Eco-Fable for Kids and Other Free Spirits - ideal for kids age 5 and up (that includes adults!)

In the very heart of the last magic forest lived the last wild witch. This is the story of how the children of the perfect town let a little wildness get inside of them, found their joy and courage, and saved the last wild witch and the last magic forest from disappearing. The first children's book by visionary author and earth activist Starhawk, magically illustrated by painter Lindy Kehoe. The Last Wild Witch is a fable for our time.

This wonderful tale reminds us of the intuitive nature of children - their freedom of expression and deep passion for justice. We see the contrast in the way the human community has chosen to organize itself after centuries of oppression and patriarchal values that have sanctioned the devastation of old growth forests and the demise of many earth healers. These kid heroes can only follow their yet un-stifled inner voice even if it means going against the rules of their parents and political town authorities. Empowered children can save the world as indeed these children do.

The Witch, centered and spiritually detached, offers a magic brew of herbs, leaves and berries intending to restore all partakers; including fish, birds, forest animals, insects, plants, children and eventually adults, to their higher selves.

Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink.

Also available is The Last Wild Witch Teaching and Discussion Guide which can be downloaded here as a pdf. This informative guide - with discussion questions, language skill-builders, art projects, music circles, and science project - was created just for this book by Natalie Zaman, Pagan and certified teacher (English K-12).

A full-color glossy 11x17 inch poster of one of illustrator Lindy Kehoe's gorgeous paintings from the book is also available for sale here.

Starhawk is one of the most respected voices in modern earth-based spirituality. She is also well known as a global justice activist and organizer, whose work and writings have inspired many to action. She is the author or co-author of ten books, including The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess, long considered the essential text for the Neo-Pagan movement, and the now-classic ecotopian novel The Fifth Sacred Thing. Starhawk's newest book is The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature.

Lindy Kehoe is a painter of magical realms and playful characters. Her art echoes the remembrance of the child heart. She lives and loves in Southern Oregon, dreaming of new earth visions. She is a fairy tale writer, creating stories that weave myths of all time. More of Lindy's art can be viewed at her website: www.lindykehoe.com.

Mother Tongue Ink (dba WeMoon) publishes art and writing by women, including the WeMoon Datebook: Gaia Rhythms for Women, an astrological moon calendar and guide to earth rhythms. An eco-feminist publisher, Mother Tongue Ink is committed to planetary and personal renewal, offering creative work that honors multi-cultural, earth-based spirituality.

Mission: To mend the interconnected/ interspecies web on Earth through the creation and publication of books and products that provide a vehicle, through art and writing, for the expression of women's creativity, culture, spirituality, politics and earth-centered consciousness.

Starhawk and Lindy Kehoe have been contributors to We~Moon, the publication of Mother Tongue Ink, for many years. Both Gemini's, Lindy in her first Saturn return and Starhawk entering her second, both brilliant in their creations, both mission-living activists. A perfect match for a small, eco-feminist, mission guided publishing company.

Review(s): "The Last Wild Witch is thoughtful, moving and beautiful. All of us who treasure wildness will want to share it with our children and our friends." - Alice Walker, Pulitzer prize winning author, poet, activist

"The Last Wild Witch reminds us that courage, nonconformity, and attention to intuition are the real things that will save the wild world we love." - Ariel Gore, author, and founder of Hip Mama magazine

The Last Wild Witch Review - Written by Nat & Kat of Broomstix:

Discover your wild side...

The perfect town in the perfect world, introduced in the first pages of Starhawk's The Last Wild Witch, could be an idealistic 'Any Town' USA: rows of cookie cutter houses, governed by 'absolute' rules with leaders requiring blind compliance' and kids that can sense that there's something more 'out there' than just being 'perfect.'

The tale, written in simple language with a rhythm that steadily grows as the story progresses, deals with many issues and questions that are certainly worthy of discussion by both children and adults. It touches upon the creation of rules, the necessity of some and the arbitrary nature of others, and the eternal difference in worldviews and perceptions between innocence (kids) and experience (adults). It also shows how this effects what we do and the way we walk our Life Paths: conformity vs. individualism, engineered town vs. the wilds of Nature.

The Last Wild Witch would certainly appeal to New Age and Pagan audiences; families who have felt the wildness and embraced the woods. However, the tale is also relevant to folks who follow traditional and mainstream paths. Too often forest and farms are disappearing beneath the cement and asphalt of shopping malls and housing developments. As our natural world shrinks, more and more people are awakening to the importance of Nature, and the need to live in harmony with Her.

By letting our children lead us, through their imaginations and affinity with pristine Nature, there is hope that we have not sat down to tea with our Last Wild Witch. This thought is brought to life through the shamanistic beat of Starhawk's words, and the vibrant, swirling art of Lindy Kehoe's paintings. Readers will see the auras and feel the pulse of their neighborhoods, and discover the beauty of the wildness that waits not too far from their own doorsteps. You might want to read this one aloud - even if you're by yourself. A wild delight!

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