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Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet
by Frances Moore Lappe, Anna Lappe

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Publication Date: 2003
Publisher: Tarcher / Putnam
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Agriculture, Biotechnology, Corporate Rule, Democracy: Theory & Practice, Family / Parenting, Media, Social Movements, Third World Peoples, Toxics, Visioning the Future

Description: National Bestseller!

Thirty years ago, Frances Moore Lappe's 'Diet for a Small Planet' became a touchstone for a generation. It helped us see how the corporate state is generating the very food scarcity that we all fear. It showed how each of us can choose the opposite: a diet best for our bodies and also best for our planet. Now Frances and her daughter, Anna, pick up where that book left off. In a personal journey of discovery on five continents, the Lappe's explore the most puzzling questions of our time: Why, as societies, do we create the very inequalities and devastation of nature that, as individuals, we abhor? Are there paths we each can walk that will, in practical ways, heal our lives and help the planet?

Searching for answers, the Lappe's challenge promoters of global corporatization who claim that theirs is the only path. Frances and Anna take us with them into worlds beneath the radar of the global media. There we meet poor villagers in Kenya who are trying to turn back the encroaching desert; we eat with landless peasants in Brazil who are facing down big landowners to create vibrant communities; we celebrate the efforts of village women in Bangladesh incurring huge risks to lift their families out of poverty; and we admire renegade farmers in Wisconsin, undeterred by widespread hardship, who are learning to thrive while caring for the land. As we walk with trailblazers who transform fear into creative action, we can see possibilities for change in our own lives that before were invisible.

From the foothills of the Himalaya to the lush farms of Brittany, the Lappe's expose the false trade-offs within global corporatization: chemical agriculture or starvation; genetically modified foods or scarcity; corporate capitalism or chaos. In 'Hope's Edge', we discover we have choices. We're able to perceive strikingly parallel insights emerging across our planet - insights springing us free from the prevailing thought traps that lock us personally and globally into self-destruction. What the Lappe's offer in place of these traps is a guiding framework gleaned from the breakthroughs of people they met on their journey - a framework as useful in grasping our global predicament as in finding meaning in our lives.

Featuring recipes from vegetarian, organic, and whole-foods culinary pioneers, 'Hope's Edge' is also a celebration of a cuisine that has emerged in the past thirty years - one that brings us back to the sensuous pleasure of eating and reconnects us to the earth and those who care for it. At once an account of an intimate mother-and-daughter journey and a far-reaching vision for social and environmental transformation, 'Hope's Edge' helps each of us find new courage to trust ourselves and choose the world we want.

For more info, check out their website: http:www.dietforasmallplanet.com .

Review(s): "Absolutely one of the most important books as we move further in the 21st century." - Jane Goodall

"Passionate and wise.....Just the book we need now." - Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation

"Frances Moore Lappé is the well-known author of 'Diet for a Small Planet' (1973), a manifesto of global food politics. For this follow-up, she and daughter Anna unblinkingly document an international journey they undertook to see how things stand nearly 30 years later (unfortunately, not too well). In nine countries, the Lappés meet and talk with prodemocracy organizers, farmers, villagers, educators, and other people working to create life outside of corporate globalization. Some of their stories from Bangladesh, Kenya, India, and elsewhere are terrifying, but they never lose their nerve. Tough-minded but optimistic, they capture the ills of genetic engineering, pesticides, and corporate concentration, as well as successful efforts by local people to restore their dignity and interconnection to life. The main focus is food (recipes from vegetarian, organic, and whole-foods advocates are included), but it quickly becomes obvious that for the Lappé's eating well and responsibly means living the same way, with true democracy for all. An extensive bibliography of sources and contact organizations is provided. Essential for all public and academic libraries." - Karen Munro, for Library Journal

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