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Localization: A Global Manifesto
by Colin Hines

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Publication Date: 2000
Publisher: Earthscan
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Agriculture, Corporate Rule, Economics, Labor & Work / Classism, Nature, Social Movements, Third World Peoples, Visioning the Future

Description: 'Localization' is a manifesto to unite all those who recognize the importance of cultural, social and ecological diversity for our future - and who do not aspire to a monolithic global consumer culture. It is a passionate and persuasive polemic, challenging the claims that we have to be 'internationally competitive' to survive and describing the destructive consequences of globalization. This book is unique in going beyond simply criticizing free trade and globalization trends. It details self-reinforcing policies to create local self-sufficiency and shows clearly that there is an alternative to globalization - to protect the local, globally.

Review(s): "Colin Hines' book goes to the heart of the debt-creation system that is globalization. He challenges economic ideas enshrined as articles of faith by an organized religion whose temples of worship are the IMF and the WTO, and whose god is money. But he does more than challenge: he promotes realistic and practical alternatives which if adopted, would bring an end to systemic debt crises. His is a lone voice in the wilderness; one that must be listened to if our children are to have any hope of a future." - Ann Pettifor, Director, Jubilee 2000 UK

"At last, a book which lays to rest the myth that Third World poverty can be dealt with by more competitive exports to the North. This book's 'localization' programme provides a vital starting point for an alternative to globalization that the world's poor and the global environment so desperately need." - Vandana Shiva, Director, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, Delhi

"What is lacking in most studies of globalisation is any explanation of its counter-tendency: localization. A new book by Colin Hines, 'Localization', makes up for this absence. The question that preoccupies him is: what is wrong with concentrating on the local? The answers he offers are pretty convincing." - New Statesman

"If you are fed up with the con of globalization, read this book. It is the jobs agenda for those who want to see where we create real work out of real wealth: the schools, services and health agenda for those wanting to put stability back into society; and the democracy agenda for those who believe that life belongs to people not corporations. 'Localization' is both a heresy and a remedy in the midst of today's madness." - Alan Simpson, Member of Parliament for Nottingham South

"What we need is an irresistible alternative to galvanize opposition to globalization. Colin Hines has got one. He proposes localization - the refocusing of the global economy around local markets. The regeneration of local economies will rehumanize trade, counteract globalization's abuse of workers and the environment and foster self-reliance." - Anita Roddick, founder, The Body Shop International

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