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Our Word is Our Weapon: Selected Writings of Subcommandante Marcos
by Subcommandante Marcos, edited by Juana Ponce de Leon, Foreword by Jose Saramago,

AVAILABILITY: Usually ships within 1-2 weeks

Publication Date: 2001
Publisher: Seven Stories
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Arts, Corporate Rule, Democracy: Theory & Practice, Indigenous Peoples, Mexico, Poetry, Social Movements, Sustainable Community, Third World Peoples, Visioning the Future

Description: [No description presently available. Please check back soon for further information.]

Review(s): "Marcos writes as learnedly and movingly about human rights and dignity as did our own Thomas Paine." - Kurt Vonnegut

"[This book] is a revolutionary's work. Marcos has earned his indignation like few men alive." - Norman Mailer

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