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Seven Seeds for a New Society: a corebook for Spirit On Earth - An Operating System for a Spiritual Society
by Sharif Abdullah

AVAILABILITY: Readily Available

Publication Date: 2009
Publisher: Commonway Institute
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Consciousness, spirituality, current affairs, ecology, future trends, politics, economics, philosophy, ethics
Condition: Not Available


We're having a hard time keeping this book in stock. Please enquire first before ordering: paul@100fires.com.

If you are concerned with ecology, sustainability, economics, social justice, politics, spirituality… if you are concerned with the fate of our society – this is your book. This book helps us move from a society based on fear, lack and greed, to a society based on love, compassion and relationships with all beings. Sharif Abdullah outlines how a society operates and for the first time, we can see a comprehensive, holistic view of a healthy society.

'Seven Seeds' is not about patching or tweaking existing systems. It lies beyond a “progressive” or “conservative” agenda. Together, we are enacting new ways of everyday living, ways that are in accordance with the wisdom teachers of many cultures and the needs of the Earth. We are replacing our violent, immoral societies with something else – a relational operating system. We are creating a new operating system, a way to live in this present-day society. This book is the blueprint for that operating system.

Review(s): "This new book by Sharif is a welcome fertilizer for cultivating in our imagination a world worth saving. He also says it straight that there is some hard work to be done, too. We won't get it right if we just imagine possibilities then sit back and let the Breaker world do what it's always done. We have to get down in the dirt to do some weeding and pruning, too. 'Seven Seeds' is a welcome perspective on the true challenges we face as a global species; buy it, read it, live it." - Don Berg

"This powerful book brought many important insights to live by to my awareness. If we can move in the direction Dr. Abdullah is guiding us then we may really make some headway in developing a truly humane and sustainable world." - Michael Inkie

"Sharif has written a great sequel to 'Creating a World that Works for All'. Highly readable and a most appropriated response to the turmoil of today's world. I believe the book will be controversial and will be seen by many as radical. In fact it is radical in its call for each of us to reach into our spiritual depths to change our approach to life and consequently to positively impact our world. Doing what Sharif suggests will not be easy for many – including me – but failure to do much of what he suggests will only allow the present situation to become more serious. We are all called to create a world that works for all. This book lists some of the very important steps." - Tim Rouse

"Lots of talk about transforming the world making the rounds. But how do we move from talk to practical application and action? With vast "in the field" experience that spans across cultures, Abdullah's latest book inspires and empowers. It encourages and motivates us to both wake up and see what's going on and take the next steps necessary to co-create a livable and sustainable lifestyle and society — before it's too late. This reader's suggestion: Buy 2 copies — one for you and one to circulate and sow more seeds!" - Shanti

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